Celebrating 75 Years of Service

HSM 75, Manufacturing since 1944

Our Beginning

Parks Underdown founds Hickory Springs in the Hickory community of Brookford. The company produces coiled springs, edge wire and Marshall coil springs for the bedding and furniture industry.

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Hickory Springs adds metal bed rails to its product line.

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Hickory Springs begins producing their trademarked sinuous wire Bouncy, followed by latex and polyurethane foam.

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Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company of Arkansas opens in Ft. Smith.

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Hickory Springs establishes Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company of Arkansas and starts purchasing urethane foam buns and then fabricating them for resale to furniture manufacturers in the southwest. A second major diversification of the product line was enlarged as a foam pouring operation began in the Brookford Road plant in Hickory.

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Hickory Springs opens a foam fabricating facility in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Our Expansion

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Hickory Springs begins producing rocker swivels and swivels with legs.

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Hickory Springs sets up an innerspring mattress plant, in mountainous Micaville, NC, separate from its furniture spring plants.


Hickory Springs Celebrates 30th Anniversary (Newsletter)


Hickory Springs moves into metal tubing and stamping operations with the introduction of convertible sleep mechanisms for the home furnishings industry.

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Hickory Springs begins wire-drawing operations, supplying products to its spring operations and enhancing the company’s vertical integration in the process.


Hickory Springs founder, Parks Underdown, passes away (Newsletter)

Spiller Spring Company

Hickory Springs purchases the Spiller Spring Company and expands its footprint in the bedding industry.


Hickory Springs takes another step toward vertical integration by entering into a joint venture to run a plastics extrusion facility, Plastics Technology, Inc., that supports the packaging industry.

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Hickory Springs expands further into stamping operations with the introduction of an incliner mechanism for the furniture industry.

Holland Maid Innersprings

Hickory Springs adds to its innerspring production capacity with the purchase of the Holland Wire Company.

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Hickory Springs purchases Highland Fabricators of High Point

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Hickory Springs celebrates its 50th anniversary (Newsletter)

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Hickory Springs begins a multi-year run of successful innovation, including the design of a folding metal step for recreational vehicles.

A New Century

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Hickory Springs opens a new tube mill operation in Ft. Smith.


Hickory Springs celebrates its 60th anniversary (Newsletter)

Preserve, The World's First Bio-Based Foam.

Hickory Springs introduces Preserve®, the world’s first bio-based foam. Its recipe utilizes up to 20 percent of a non-traditional, renewable, bio-based raw material derived from soybean oil.

TFI, Triad Fabco Industries

Hickory Springs acquires Triad-Fabco, a manufacturer of molded rebond foam cushioning material for the furniture, school bus, and golf cart industries.

JSI, A Devision of Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company

Hickory Springs acquires JSI Corporation, a supplier of OEM and aftermarket products to the RV industry.

The C.E. White Co.

Hickory Springs acquires The C.E. White Co., a manufacturer of quality seating products for the commercial/transit and school bus markets. This acquisition enables Hickory Springs to provide transportation customers with a complete seating solution.


Hickory Springs announces a new name and brand – HSM – intended to assist the company's efforts to grow its Transportation Solutions and Diversified Solutions business units.

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HSM celebrates its 70th anniversary with the opening of a new Corporate Foam Technology facility and introduces Transitional™ Sleep System adjustable beds, an example of the company’s commitment to innovation and delivering integrated solutions to the marketplace.

Atlanta Attachment Company, Sewing Automation

HSM sells five foam-pouring locations in NC, GA, CA and AR to Arsenal Capital Partners. The equity company uses the former HSM facilities as the foundation for the larger foam/bedding producer Elite Comfort Solutions.

HSM purchases Atlanta Attachment and its subsidiaries.


HSM launched a new organizational model that established six new operating divisions: AAC, Hickory Springs, HS Metalworks, HSM Diversified, HSM Transportation and HSM Logistics.

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Hickory Springs launches their new zoning microcoil technology for Posturfil at ISPA.

75 and 50 years of manufacturing

HSM and ACC celebrate Diamond and Golden Jubilees for 75 and 50 years of manufacturing.

1944 - Present

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